School Life

School life at Reed’s is built around our ethos of inspiring our pupils to unlock their true potential. This is delivered through a breadth of experiences, excellence in teaching and a welcoming and nurturing community.

The rich life of pupils at Reed’s from an academic, pastoral, social, and co curricular standpoint interweave to deliver our core aims and objectives of:

  • Preparing our pupils for the future

  • Creating a community for life

  • Promoting academic excellence

  • Finding the best in every pupil

  • Living the Andrew Reed legacy

  • Providing a nurturing environment



"If all that we take away from Reed’s are exam results, then we have missed the point. Yes, they are important, but Reed’s will give you so much more in the people you are here with and the experiences you have with them. The school instils in every pupil the importance of a well-rounded, well-balanced approach to life, and I hope this will never change. No-one ever could have wished for any more from a school, and you can’t really say fairer than that."

Leo Petty, School Captain 2013-2014