The Sixth Form Overview

The Sixth Form at Reed’s inspires, supports and guides students to develop a vision of who they want to be and create a pathway to make that vision a reality. At the centre of this is their growth – academically, culturally, on the sporting front and in their wider life. Students are given opportunities to achieve excellence as well as to broaden horizons.

Our job is to prepare young people for a life after school; a Reed’s Sixth Form student will learn a desire to contribute, confront, be challenged and develop a sense of purpose with which to shape the future.

The achievements of our students fill us with immense pride and we gain great satisfaction from following their progress after Reed’s; students who yearn to find a direction, want to be challenged and involve themselves in a genuine community will feel at home here.


"What you are to be, you are now becoming…"

Luke MichaelHead of Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Please watch our film about life in the Sixth Form at Reed’s School