The Development Office

A Reed’s education is about more than the learning that goes on in the classroom, it is an inheritance of a core set of values and relationships which our Old Reedonians carry with them well beyond their time at the School.

The Development Office is the steward of that inheritance for all our pupils, past and present. We work closely with the entire Reed’s community in order to sustain Andrew Reed’s founding vision whilst also enhancing the overall Reed’s experience.

The core role of the Development Office is to raise funding to sustain Foundation bursaries and outreach programmes for the future; find financial and partnership support for new Capital Projects as well as to build and strengthen our Alumni network of Old Reedonians.

Additionally the Development Office works together with our parents, government departments, national charities and corporate partners to support careers development, outreach programmes and thought leadership initiatives.

It is only through the support of the wider Reed’s community, for which we are extremely grateful, that we are able to achieve these objectives.

As the School moves into its second 200 years, it is important that we invest now to ensure that future generations are able to benefit from the unique excellence of a Reed’s School education.

Kathryn Bartram

Development and Marketing Director