Lower School - The Close

The Close is very much a school within a school, wherein boys feel part of the whole community – with the unrivalled breadth of opportunities that this brings - but equally allows boys to settle into life at Reed’s as part of a smaller cohort, that of our First and Second Forms (Years 7 & 8).

There are three classes in each year group and the curriculum is broad. Lessons are planned and delivered in a way that inspires and gets the best out of boys; they are interactive, practical, fun and collaborative.

The fact that we are not bound by the pressures of preparing for Common Entrance examinations also allows us to explore topics in a range of ways that are truly educational rather than being constrained by the need to cover a particular syllabus.

Indeed, being an all boys’ school up the age of sixteen ensures that pupils are happy to throw themselves wholeheartedly into a range of activities. The number of boys actively engaged in drama productions, playing musical instruments and sport (where all boys in The Close will represent the school at some level) is a real feature of life in The Close, and we value and plan for this variety as an integral part of our all-round educational provision.

Boys are also placed into one of the four tutor groups in each year and their tutor plays a significant role in helping them to thrive in all aspects of school life. These House-based tutor groups also enjoy healthy competition in a variety of House competitions and feel a real sense of pride in their House.

The Close has developed into a very happy and successful community in which the boys, staff and parents work together with a common goal of enabling all pupils to maximise their potential.

We have high aspirations and expectations of all boys in The Close and there is a focus on shared values and effort. Pupils are expected to try their best in all things as well as being courteous and smart at all times. With a focus on a growth mindset, the mantra “Better People Make The Close Better” permeates everyday life. Success and achievement is recognised, no matter how small, and celebrated. Leadership, well-being and resilience initiatives add to the structures that allow pupils to flourish within an encouraging and supportive environment.

We are very proud of the pupils in The Close and indeed they are very proud of being part of The Close and Reed’s School. The foundations laid during the two years of life in The Close prepare boys fully to move into our Third Form ready to flourish, welcoming those who join the School but remembering the friendships gained through a common experience of fun and learning together as Close pupils.