The Sixth Form Community

The Sixth Form House is set at the heart of an inspirational campus which combines natural beauty and modern architecture. Students enjoy tailored study areas, dynamic classroom environments and some of the best sporting facilities in the country.

Sixth Formers have access to a productive working environment at all times in the Sixth Form House work areas, but can also relax with a hot drink and friends in Café 6. The grassy quad and Sixth Form garden become popular revision areas in the summer months and the weekly coffee morning is a great time for students and staff to catch up.

Academic Ethos in the Sixth Form

Learning and growth are fundamental to the Reed’s experience; teachers at Reed’s share a commitment to constantly evolve their knowledge and technique in order to ignite learning.

Curricular studies are enriched through a supporting General Studies programme and all students will either take the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) or Reed’s own Independent Project in order to become an expert in an area of interest.

Reed’s students are well-supported through the transition to A Level study with a system of induction and they, in turn, give back by mentoring younger students academically.