Middle School

Pupils in our Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms (Years 9 to 11) are in the Middle School and affiliated to one of the four main day houses; Blathwayt, Bristowe, Capel and Mullens. Boarders in these years join School House and within this will also be linked to one of the four main houses for competitions.

Each house is made up of five tutor groups. Middle School tutor groups are vertical, in that they contain members of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms. This enables a good degree of unity across the year groups, allowing the tutor to focus on specific issues with year groups at particular times of the year, such as guidance with settling in, year group projects, GCSE option choices or examination preparation.

The Heads of Year in the Middle School monitor and support their specific cohort as a whole and work to support the Housemaster who will oversee each boy’s academic, pastoral, social and moral development.