Media Studies

Media Studies provides a comprehensive and integrated coverage of media theory and practice with special emphasis on emerging technologies. It covers audiences as both producers and consumers of media texts. It also provides opportunities for pupils to investigate personal media interests and includes a choice of cross-media studies.

To aid pupils' productions the department has a dedicated editing suite, with top of the range cameras and filming equipment, so that they can produce genre-based short films as well as a documentary as part of their coursework. Fantastic opportunities are available for pupils to improve their understanding outside the classroom; talks at the BFI, visits to movie sets and attendance at a series of lectures and workshops, including behind the scenes access at Disneyland, Paris.

At Reed’s, Media Studies is studied at A Level. Study of the media industries provides an up-to- date understanding of the political and cultural agendas of news editors, film producers and the advertising industry. It combines the disciplines of a traditional academic subject with more current approaches to learning. A keen appreciation of the media from the perspective of the industry and of the audience is developed. Pupils need a critical interest in all forms of media from an audience perspective as well as a willingness to question such key issues as whether the media reflects or influences our views.

Media Studies is an increasingly popular choice for entry into many degree courses including the social sciences, arts, film, journalism, political science and literary studies.