ICT & Computing

ICT is a fundamental component of learning at Reed’s. The ICT curriculum is focused initially on ensuring that pupils have the core transferable skills in utilising packages for the presentation of work. Subsequently, it follows a more computing-based path designed to develop the logical programming problem-solving skills of pupils, using a wide range of languages and design methodologies.

Pupils have access to well-resourced, modern computer suites where they are encouraged to work independently, using facilities for presentation of work for examinations and for research. All pupils have their own email address and access to both the internet and the School’s intranet. They can also access work and software from home.

Computing is part of the core curriculum in the First and Second Forms (Years 7 and 8) and is an option in the Third Form (Year 9).

The GCSE and A Level Computing courses are for those who want a more in-depth knowledge of current and emerging computer technologies. The emphasis of the course is on computing as a problem solving tool and the development of computational thinking skills. Pupils learn how to abstract and decompose problems then learn how to write coded solutions to these problems in a high-level language. They will also acquire knowledge and understanding of computer design, networking, software design and the impact of computer technology on society. Pupils are expected to have good access to a computer and be prepared to work independently in their own time.