Academic Monitoring

Academic performance at Reed’s has risen enormously in the last fifteen years. Having six sets in the core subjects up to GCSE allows boys to develop at suitably different paces. Assessment and monitoring strategies allow us to fully track a pupil’s progress and push each to their potential.

Assistance is provided freely in every subject beyond the timetable by both teachers and Sixth Formers. ‘Clinics’ and ‘surgeries’ operate throughout the year, not just as examinations approach, and teachers share ideas on a regular basis. ‘Golden Lessons’ operate frequently where every teacher has to trial something new - pupils embrace this and are stimulated to try new ideas and approaches themselves.

Parents are fully informed of the academic progress of their child. Assessment grades are reported half termly for both academic achievement and effort attainment in all year groups. Full progress reports are provided to parents twice a year.

In all year groups from First Form (Year 7) upwards there is at least one Parents’ Evening per year where parents have the opportunity to speak to their child’s subject teachers, tutors and Housemasters about their progress. From the Fourth Form (Year 10) onwards, pupils attend these evenings with their parents.

In the Third Form there is an Options Evening to help pupils make decisions on their subject choices for GCSE/IGCSEs. During this event taster lessons are run in each subject area which pupils (and their parents) are able to attend to give them an idea of the subject content for GCSE/IGCSEs. A similar Options Evening with taster lessons operates in the Fifth Form for A Level choices; this is aimed at both current and prospective pupils.

Various other information evenings are held for parents throughout the year to provide guidance.